150 Gal Pop Up Pool Plus

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150 Gal Pop Up Pool Plus. 144" X 58" X 5"

Spill response pool folds into compact package until needed - quickly opens and bladder unfurls to capture large spills within seconds. Excellent chemical resistance, including diesel fuel, antifreeze, acids, caustics and corrosives. This product is used as a response to damaged saddle tanks, haz-mat spills, and leaking containers, machinery, and piping. The compact folded size makes it suitable for storing in a spill kit or tool box.
  • To open the Ultra-Pop-Up Pool Plus, open the hook and loop seams and unroll the Ultra-Pop- Up Pool Plus
  • Unfold the Ultra-Pop-Up Pool Plus, so that the ground tarp is under the Ultra-Pop-Up Pool and the bladder is located on a side with enough room to unroll the containment bladder
  • Place the Ultra-Pop-Up Pool Plus under the spill and unroll the bladder to allow for filling

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